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About ArtSound FM

Canberra is the city of music and the arts, and ArtSound FM 92.7 & 90.3 (Tuggeranong) is Canberra's own music and arts radio station. ArtSound FM broadcasts to the Canberra and Queanbeyan regions 24 hours a day, 12 months of the year. With a great mix of jazz, blues, folk, world and classical music, ArtSound FM has something for all discerning music lovers. 

ArtSound FM:

  • provides an extension of choice for all Canberra radio users, of particular appeal to educated and discriminating listeners of all ages;
  • provides stimulating and diverse programs of particular value and appeal to  listeners with an appreciation of, and interest in, music, the arts and culture, with fewer interruptions;
  • provides an important communication network and information exchange for all areas of the Canberra region arts community;
  • explores a wide range of musical arts including folk, jazz, world and classical music concerts and festivals, special events, experimental works, and individual creative compositions and performances, both amateur and professional;  
  • provides training to people of all ages to foster increased community involvement in the development of local arts radio;
  • draws on all the diverse cultures that make up Canberra and augments this with information and programs on national and international cultural matters;
  • offers local, national and international exposure of Canberra artists by fostering live music recording and performance, local broadcast and global streaming;
  • is the only Canberra radio station that brings award-winning music programs from around Australia, Europe and North America to Canberra;
  • endeavours to stimulate economic growth in the arts through our promotional efforts and links to stations throughout Australia; and
  • is more than just radio – we record, preserve and restore artistic works for individuals, organisations and national heritage institutions.

In March 2006, ArtSound moved from our studio in Curtin to the Manuka Arts Centre to join PhotoAccess who have been in residence since 2002. The Manuka Arts Centre is an ACT Government centre that provides community access to the arts. It comprises a public art gallery, teaching rooms, darkrooms, a recording studio, broadcast and editing suites, and administration offices.

The Manuka Arts Centre has a long history of service to the arts. Until the late 1990s it was the Canberra School of Music’s jazz campus. Today it is visited by many people from the Canberra community, and many visitors to Canberra, who visit us to hear live outdoor concerts, record music and interviews, see exhibitions, attend broadcasting courses and photographic workshops or participate in projects related to music and photography.

ArtSound FM is an integral part of Canberra's cultural community with its broad coverage of literature, theatre, film, spoken word, art exhibitions and local concerts. Supporting local music and the arts is part of ArtSound FM's commitment to develop and foster Canberra's unique cultural identity. ArtSound FM is a volunteer-powered radio station which boasts dozens of talented and committed volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Our volunteers give their time, energy and passion to the station so we can deliver to our listeners fine music all year round.

Listener support means greater integrity, more relevance and less reliance on commercial sponsorship. ArtSound FM values its listeners and repays this support with quality music and a commitment to support Canberra's music and arts community.