Listening to ArtSound

We broadcast 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

On your FM radio in the Canberra area

  • Tune to  92.7, for the signal from our main transmitter at Poppet Hill, east of Canberra – serving most of the ACT and surrounding areas of NSW
  • Tune to  90.3 for the signal  from Mt Taylor in southern Canberra – serving Tuggeranong, surrounding areas including Woden  Garran, Hughes, Isaacs and other parts of Canberra.

Can’t listen on either frequency?

Try our internet streaming service right here.

FREE streaming for Transact and iiNet internet customers!

Streaming Q and As

How much of my data allowance does streaming use?

  • Our .mp3 stream uses about 1MB a minute– so with a a 1GB data allowance, you could listen continuously for 16 hours – or watch  three 1-hour TV programs on i-View*
  • Our aac stream offers higher quality at about half the data consumption – 500KB a minute.   iTunes and many mobile apps such as TuneIn Radio, can play this stream

* Source:

6 thoughts on “Listening to ArtSound

  1. I really wanted to find out which artist was featured on Down in the Basement last night, Tuesday 5 September, but couldn’t find a way of accessing that information. Help, please!

  2. Hi, is there facility to listen to programmes that I missed? I’m interested in the Kevin Hailey interview tonight but missed it. Is there a way to catch it again?

  3. Would it be possible to find out who the female singer was on Soundspace around 10.30 – 10.40 this morning 9 May?

  4. None of the internet listening options works for me. It is disappointing as I can’t listen – and haven’t been able to listen for a very long time – while I am working in my office.

  5. It seems has a new and format. But, there is something missing. There is no information on the ‘CD of the week’ It might be helpful while listening to Disc Drive.
    Your comment is appreciated
    Thank you

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