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Welcome to ArtSound

We have not asked you for help for a long time.

I need to convey to all our listeners and the Canberra community as a whole, that ArtSound stands at a defining moment in its history as we try to work our way through what can be described as a perfect storm of challenges, in a very different world to that in which community radio was first established around forty years ago.

A sustainable new funding base is urgently needed, to allow ArtSound to not only survive but prosper, as a relevant and vital part of the Canberra community: a well-run arts media organization that reflects and enhances the cultural life of that community.

That is the vision of the ArtSound Board.

ArtSound is not alone in the situation it finds itself in. Other community stations report similar issues including that usual revenue streams are drying up and philanthropic funds are harder to access.

We need new contributors, ideas and, new funding sources if ArtSound is to have a future.

During this period we are taking the opportunity to complete the program recommissioning process our program committee started many months ago.  Programs will start returning to air as soon as possible with the support of our presenters, without whose commitment to the station we would not be able to function.

We also hope that with fresh community participation we will confirm whether our licenced community of interest has changed and if so how that impacts current programs and the development of new ones.

The decision to interrupt our normal broadcast was not taken lightly. 

It has been clear for some time that without bold action and significant financial support from new sources, together with improvement in some of our program delivery, ArtSound will cease to broadcast.

We needed to establish with the wider community if what we do matters or not and, if we have enough support to get us through the current uncertain period.

Be a part of this journey to create great arts radio with us: Donate; Participate; Rejuvenate

Thank you,

Amalijah Thompson