Courses run 11-13 April and 20-22 April

Do you have kids aged between 9 and 12 who might like to attend one of our three-day “Radio Rookies” holiday programs at ArtSound?

These were very popular in the past, so we’re reviving them now, working with an accomplished events organiser, Sionna Maple, the founder and Creative Events Producer of Okay Studio.

Radio Rookies introduces young people to the world of radio and podcasting. It provides them with the tools and training required to create audio stories about themselves, their communities, and their worlds.

The program will launch with two three-day courses during the April school holidays, coming up soon.

The courses will teach young radio/podcast enthusiasts how to create their own radio content and podcasts. Sionna will be joined by a variety of ArtSound radio presenters and producers.

One goal of the program is to alert participants’ parents to what we do at ArtSound — to draw them into our fold while also helping to ensure that a next generation of radio producers can shape radio’s future.

Sionna Maple is the force behind such events as The Plunge, a very well-attended recurring storytelling event in Canberra. After beginning in Canberra backyards, it now takes place in such venues at the Highroad in Dickson. She has also organised, for example, Astrology and Music events at Cuppacumbalong.

The programs will take place over three days, and run from 8:30am to 4pm. Cost for the three-day courses will be $390, which is competitive with other similar activities in the Canberra region. Students have their choice of two courses. The first runs Monday 11 April to Wednesday 13 April and the second Wednesday 20 April to Friday 22 April.

Radio Rookies will use ArtSound facilities — our broadcast and production studios including our new podcasting space fitted out with up-to-date podcasting console. The main classroom will be computer equipped for enrolees who aren’t able to bring along their own laptop, tablet, or mobile phone equipped with audio-editing software.

Enrolment is strictly limited, so help turn your kids into radio and podcast producers by going to the enrolment page now.

If you require more details, please go to the Facebook page or email