CBAA and Community Radio in Canberra

ArtSound hosted a meeting of the six Canberra Community Radio stations (1CMS, 1WAY, 1RPH, 2XX, Valley Fm, ArtSound) with CBAA representative Jon Bisset this week.

It was a very positive and useful meeting which built on collaborations begun earlier in the year. It set the scene for formation of a working group to look into the establishment of a community radio hub in Canberra including to look at ways to reduce costs, share resources and create efficencies of operation, without impeding our individual licence requirements. To thus provide better services to the community generally, at a time the survival of community radio really matters. Jon Bisset’s knowledge of the sector overall was very welcome and useful and I think it can be freely said that we all left the meeting with a very positive feeling about the development of Community Radio in Canberra in 2020.

Donate Participate and Rejuvenate

As 2019 draws to a close and we take a break over Xmas, we can advise that we have received $70,010.00 in donations. We continue to receive expressions of interest for new volunteer participation and other very positive and useful support from the CBAA, ArtsACT, RSM, Deloitte and others.

This overall, gives us a feeling of confidence in ArtSound’s future. It means we can continue the work of rebuilding programs and, developing new ones early in 2020, as well as continuing to develop the initiatives noted above. The new program action group (PAG) will be communicating shortly about their work for ArtSound, and will do so on a regular basis.

Thank you, to all of you who supported the campaign, which will reemerge in new form at the end of January with new focus.


Finally,the input we have received has shown us that there is a positive and shared vision for a renewed ArtSound. Please stay on the journey with is and, have a safe and peaceful Xmas.


Amalijah on behalf of the ArtSound Board

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