Attention Would-be Musicians and Podcasters!

ArtSound FM has a number of studios available for hire. We offer acoustically treated, air-conditioned space ideally suited to the recording of podcasts, interviews, and music of all kinds.

Each studio space comes with a sound engineer who can record, edit, master, and deliver audio to your requirements.

A tiered pricing structure applies to facilitate use by both arts-based groups and individuals. There is a commercial enterprises rate (COM RATE) and a 50% discounted rate (ARTS RATE). Eligibility for discounted rate must be specifically requested from ArtSound.

Commercial Schedule of Hourly Rates for ArtSound Studio Facilities.

Studios 3 or 5, 7am-7pm: $80; includes services of ArtSound-approved panel operator.

Studios 3 or 5, 7pm-7am: $120; includes services of ArtSound-approved panel operator.

Studios 2: $50, studio only; no ArtSound equipment or Audio Engineer.

Please contact ArtSound for a quote with the form below.


    “ArtSound provides local musicians with invaluable high-quality live recordings and broadcasts. Their presence and support at so many concerts creates a strong community feeling, and we enormously appreciate their commitment.”

    Ad Hoc Baroque

    August 2019