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Cream of the Alley

Cream of the Alley

“Cream of the Alley” was a 1970s American radio program. An episode focussing on the music of George Gershwin was produced by George Bassman, an American composer and arranger.

He was eminently qualified to produce a radio program about the music of George Gershwin. In 1960, he produced a box set of three LP records entitled “The Gershwin Years” with full orchestra, chorus, and soloists all under his direction. Many tracks from that recording are utilized in the radio program.

This two-part presentation of George Bassman’s radio program on George Gershwin’s music, “Cream Of The Alley” is introduced by Len Power.

“Cream of the Alley” airs July 31 and August 7, 2021.