If you’re a local business, community radio station ArtSound FM is right on your wavelength.  As a local community radio station, we understand “local” just like you do.

The 2017 McNair Ingenuity Research survey tells us that:

  • An average of 49,000 Canberrans listen to community radio, for almost 12 hours every week.
  • Those 49,000 Canberrans listen mainly to hear local information, and diverse specialist programs not heard anywhere else 
  • They listen, too, because – like all community radio stations – ArtSound is independent – not owned by big business or government.
  • They listen because they hear local voices telling local stories, and playing local music.

Why not consider a sponsorship package with ArtSound?  We can help you promote your local business to a local and discerning audience.

And we can tailor a sponsorship package that suits your business – and your budget.

Call ArtSound during business hours on 02 6295 7444.