The genesis of Corelli

Arcangelo Corelli is one of the most beloved musicians of the baroque period, highly influential in the development of the solo sonata, and establishing the violin as an elegant solo instrument second to none.

This concert explores the life and times of Corelli’s youth, performing the music of his immediate predecessors, and his early contribution to the music, the trio sonatas from his Opus 1.

Recorded live for ArtSound FM in Wesley Music Centre, Forrest ACT, on 10 April 2019. Recording and notes by Tim Lamble with acknowledgement to Donald Nicholson.


Total time including applause: 42m 25s

[1] Two pieces played segue (07m 33s)

Arcangelo CORELLI: Trio sonata in F, Op. 1, No.7

Maurizio CAZZATI: Passacaglio

[2] Two pieces played segue (10m 08s)

Giacomo Antonio PERTI: Fuga à due

Alessandro STRADELLA: Trio sonata in D minor

[3] Arcangelo CORELLI: Trio sonata in A minor, Op. 1, No.4 (4m 51s)

[4] Maurizio CAZZATI: Capriccio sopra sedici note, Op. 18, No. 13 (4m 18s)

[5] Giovanni Battista VITALI: Toccata and ciaccona in C for violone (03m 11s)

[6] Bartolomeo Girolamo LAURENTI: Trio sonata in F, Op. 1, No. 12: (5m 15s)

[7] Arcangelo CORELLI: Trio sonata in D, Op. 1, No.11 (5m 56s)


Latitude 37

Julia Fredersdorff: baroque violin

Laura Vaughan: viola da gamba

Donald Nicolson: harpsichord