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Earfest 2022

ArtSound’s annual on-air “radiothon” fundraiser is coming soon. It’s theme: ArtSound Earfest.

ArtSound Newsletter: April 2022

In this issue: ArtSound’s annual Radiothon: Earfest ArtSound and COTA & Senior Memories Radio and Podcasting Workshops Radio Rookies Holiday Program Technology Update Stronger Communities Grant Award PhotoAccess Open Day Visitors to the Studios Muslim Voice Radio Australian Wind Symphony   ArtSound’s annual Radiothon: Earfest Planning is well under way for ArtSound’s annual on-air “radiothon” […]

Radio Rookies Holiday Programs

Courses run 11-13 April and 20-22 April Do you have kids aged between 9 and 12 who might like to attend one of our three-day “Radio Rookies” holiday programs at ArtSound? These were very popular in the past, so we’re reviving them now, working with an accomplished events organiser, Sionna Maple, the founder and Creative […]

Senior Memories Expansion On Monday, 4 April, the Senior Memories Hour is expanding from one hour to two each weekday, and will now be called Senior Memories. The expansion is in part thanks a partnership ArtSound has formed with COTA ACT. Under the collaboration, COTA (Council On The Ageing) will act as a strategic sponsor […]

“Radiothon” Fundraiser

ArtSound will hold its annual on-air fundraiser — the “2022 ArtSound Radiothon” — from Friday 27 May to Sunday 5 June. This year’s theme: “ArtSound Earfest”! During the 10 days, you’ll hear all ArtSound presenters ask for your support so ArtSound can meet its operational costs. You’ll also hear about how community donations to our […]

Annual General Meeting

The ArtSound Board of Management has set the date for this year’s Annual General Meeting. It will take place on Thursday 7 July 2022 at a time and venue to be announced.

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ArtSound FM has a brand new range of Sponsorship Packages, enabling you to align your brand with arts and culture, and reach a brand new audience who generally don’t listen to commercial radio.


Please join us in fostering the arts in the Canberra region. Our goal is to reflect the whole range of artistic practice in the ACT and beyond.

We value your membership and your related support for the development of Canberra arts and music.

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Arts Hub features the latest music news, podcasts, and upcoming events in the local region.

Audio Services

ArtSound has a range of audio services available for hire to the Canberra community. This includes hire of our professional studios, podcast recording, audio transfer and restoration, and concert recording.

We invite you to browse our audio services page, and please contact us for a custom quote so we can look after you.