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ArtSound Summer/Autumn Concert Series – Re-starts Sunday

ArtSound’s Summer/Autumn Concert Series recommences this Sunday, 12 February, at 4pm in ArtSound’s gardens at the Manuka Arts Centre. Con Campbell and friends appear. Con Campbell and friends will perform on that day. First, the Con Campbell Trio (below, right) performs, with Con Campbell (tenor and soprano saxophones), Chris Pound (double bass), and Nick McBride […]

Quiz Night Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the ArtSound Trivia Quiz night that had been set for Friday, 17 February at the Eastlake Football Club.

ArtSound Newsletter – February 2023

A lot is happening at ArtSound. Here’s some of it.   ArtSound’s 40th Anniversary As you’ll have been hearing on ArtSound, 2023 is the 40th anniversary of ArtSound broadcasting to the ACT and region. We’ll be marking that accomplishment throughout the year, starting with a launch at 5.30pm on Friday March 3 in the ArtSound […]

Bill Stephens Bids ArtSound Farewell

At an event at ArtSound on January 10, 2023, longtime ArtSound theatre critic and presenter Bill Stephens bade ArtSound farewell. He has retired from broadcasting after many years of arts presenting and production. Here’s what he said to the gathering: Bill Stephens ArtSound & Me

ArtSound’s Summer/Autumn Concert Series

ArtSound Committees – Call for Interest

The success of ArtSound FM relies on its members, and right now we are offering you the chance to be directly involved in that success. We are seeking expressions of interest to join these Committees: Fundraising/sponsorship/grant – Primary role is identifying and pursuing funding opportunities. Membership enhancement – Primary role is developing programs to recruit […]

ArtSound Strategic Aim

ArtSound will be the leading community operated arts organisation in the ACT through the production, promotion and preservation of new and innovative arts outcomes. 


ArtSound will use its resources, including member skills/experience and technology, to collaborate with ACT artists to produce enduring work.

ArtSound will also offer opportunities to artists to develop their skills in the production and promotion of their works.


ArtSound will use it community position as well as strengths as a broadcaster to promote the work of ACT artists to the wider community and to reinforce Canberra’s reputation as an arts capital.

ArtSound will use its unique technology advantage and public access to build the profiles of individual artists (including those within underrepresented groups) and their work.

In addition to broadcasting, ArtSound will also support arts activities and live events within the Manuka Arts Centre. 


ArtSound is dedicated to the preservation of arts created in the ACT, and to that end will progressively digitise its sound archives, including all historically significant work recorded by ACT artists.

The work of new artists will also be recorded and retained for future generations. In addition to work specifically created in collaboration with ArtSound, this will include the capture of concerts, live events, exhibitions and other appropriate arts activities.

Program Schedule

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Sponsorship Packages

ArtSound FM has a brand new range of Sponsorship Packages, enabling you to align your brand with arts and culture, and reach a brand new audience who generally don’t listen to commercial radio.


Please join us in fostering the arts in the Canberra region. Our goal is to reflect the whole range of artistic practice in the ACT and beyond.

We value your membership and your related support for the development of Canberra arts and music.

Help us make ArtSound the best it can be

Audio Services


ArtSound has a range of audio services available for hire to the Canberra community. This includes hire of our professional studios, podcast recording, audio transfer and restoration, and concert recording.

We invite you to browse our audio services page, and please contact us for a custom quote so we can look after you.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Capital Territory is Ngunnawal Country. ArtSound acknowledges the Ngunnawal peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the Canberra region, a meeting place of many Aboriginal groups. ArtSound acknowledges the many millenniums of strong cultures of First Nations peoples, their caring for Country, and their enduring arts practices. ArtSound acknowledges its responsibility to share in promoting and celebrating First Nations cultures for the benefit of all who live on Ngunnawal Country.