ArtSound FM has a number of studios available for hire. We offer acoustically treated, air-conditioned space ideally suited to the recording of podcasts, interviews, and music of all kinds.

Each studio space comes with a sound engineer who can record, edit, master, and deliver audio to your requirements.

A tiered pricing structure applies to facilitate use by both arts-based groups and individuals. There is a commercial enterprises rate (COM RATE) and a 50% discounted rate (ARTS RATE). Eligibility for discounted rate must be specifically requested from ArtSound.

Commercial Schedule of Hourly Rates for ArtSound Studio Facilities

Please contact us for an individualised quote, as we would like to extend special offers to students and ArtSound Members

Full multitrack recording $120 / hour
Voice Recording HQ $120 / hour
Voice Recording / podcasting SQ $80 ph / hour
Studio rental Full studio/live room $80 / hour
Studio rental broadcast studio $50 ph

ArtSound provides local musicians with invaluable high-quality live recordings and broadcasts. Their presence and support at so many concerts creates a strong community feeling, and we enormously appreciate their commitment. - Ad Hoc Baroque, August 2019

Please contact ArtSound for a quote with the form below.