Coming Soon

ArtSound will soon join many other radio stations in Australia in launching a Digital Radio service (DAB+).

In the first stage of the rollout of DAB+, ArtSound will broadcast DAB+ as a simulcast of its FM stream.

The digital service will stream to DAB+ digital radio sets that are quickly entering the market, as well as to car radios that have been equipped with digital-to-FM converters.

ArtSound is one of several stations collaborating through the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia to commence DAB+ streams. The service is expected to commence in a few months. To facilitate the new service, ArtSound’s Manuka studios will be connected to a high-quality private fibre network that the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has commissioned Telstra to install. Via DAB+ transmission equipment at its Black Mountain Tower site, ArtSound will link to the network.

This project was instigated and is being funded entirely by the federal government for the first three years.