Making A Bequest To ArtSound Community Radio


ArtSound has been a key part of the Music and Arts Community of Canberra and the surrounding regions for over thirty-five years. Our listener supported, volunteer run organisation provides a full time radio service on the 92.7 and 90.3 FM bands and streams ‘on-line’ via We are currently developing a new digital radio channel to be offered over the coming months. We also provide a set of programs called ‘Senior Memories’ which air weekdays from 10-midday after earlier forming the basis of a dedicated digital internet service to aged care facilities in the ACT and New South Wales.


Providing the finest recording studios in the Canberra area, ArtSound has an extensive media training system, sound preservation and archiving service and since the early 1980s has been the main radio station in Canberra recording local music and arts activities.

Why make a Bequest to ArtSound


To run a radio station costs. Although ArtSound has many volunteers, transmitters, studios and recording equipment are not cheap. As ArtSound is a non-profit organisation it is reliant on the support of our listeners to keep the station ‘on-air’. It is more than grateful for the generosity of the Canberran community, but it understands some people would like to contribute more. Making a Bequest to ArtSound in your Will is an enduring legacy which will provide you with an opportunity to make your own mark in a different way, and help the station to continue ArtSound’s important work.


A Will is a legal document to protect your wishes for the inheritance of your life savings, so we urge you to discuss this with a solicitor. As a bequest in a Will instructs how part or all of your estate can be distributed to a chosen beneficiary, we advocate you review the following forms of Bequests that would benefit ArtSound.


All Bequests will be recognised in the ArtSound Newsletter unless you specify your desire to remain anonymous. There is also the opportunity for any specific item purchased with the Bequest to be named after the Benefactor.

Bequests that would benefit ArtSound:


1  A once only single amount: This can be a specified amount. Some people like to nominate their Bequest to be used for a specific purpose

2  An annual donation (or more frequently) controlled by a Trust established in your Will

3  A larger single amount (or property) to generate annual interest on the principle or maybe to establish an annual award or scholarship administered by the ArtSound Board

How to organise a Bequest in your Will


  • Contact ArtSound either through the ’Contact’ section below, or ring on 6295 7444 and talk to our President or Treasurer about the procedure
  • Consult with your solicitor so the Bequest is set up and worded the correct way


“The measure of life is not of its duration, but its donation”                 Peter Marshall