Jazz Frontiers

Where jazz went to when it was taking giant steps ahead.

Peter Monaghan presents jazz on the “out” side and related music just outside jazz.

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Cerebral Caverns07:14Reggie WorkmanCerebral Caverns
Eastern Persuasion05:30Reggie WorkmanCerebral Caverns
Chevrefeuille09:32Ramon Lopez Flowers TrioFlowers of Peace
Komba06:12Edward VesalaSatu
Together07:08Edward VesalaSatu
Nimbus05:14Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella & Eivind AarsetLost River
Lost River04:46Michele Rabbia, Gianluca Petrella & Eivind AarsetLost River
Open Doors06:12Odyssey The BandBack In Time
Keeping Still07:22PhalanxIn Touch
Interview03:06James Blood UlmerAre You Glad To Be In America?
Free for Three04:28Odyssey The BandBack In Time
Passamezzo05:14Allison CameronOrnaments
In Time08:11Music Revelation EnsembleIn The Name Of Music Relevation Ensemble
Are You Glad To Be In America?04:38James Blood UlmerAre You Glad To Be In America?
Aquarian Sound07:52David S. WareFlight Of I
Urban Magic: March / Warm Night Blues Stroll / Down the Walkway / RM Express15:45Art Ensemble of ChicagoUrban Bushmen [Disc 1]
13 November 2020JAZZ FRONTIERS #4
Blue Bolero04:03Abdullah IbrahimAfrican Magic
Ballad For Bernt03:45Tomasz Stańko SeptetLitania - Music Of Krzysztof Komeda
Alone04:45Marilyn CrispellStoryteller
II08:25Tomasz Stańko QuartetSuspended Night
Prolegomena05:16Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Nolportano04:22Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Eremitage01:43Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Fluidum05:02Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Bazar00:47Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Clavicello03:41Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Monolog01:13Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Polemos01:52Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Korkelwurz01:42Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Torschluss00:47Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Perpetuum mobile02:23Felix HuberAl Fresco-Bilder keiner Ausstellung
Brute02:55Colin StetsonNew History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
A Momentary Suspension Of Doubt00:38Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Vapors01:00EYVIND KANGSweetness Of Sickness
(If I Sing A Song) So Good It01:51Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Berdache02:19Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Flesh That Has Lost Everything01:48Eyvind KangSweetness Of Sickness
Theory Of The Supreme Ones00:38Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Go in a Good Way to a Better Place04:11Eyvind KangVirginal Co Ordinates
The Clown's Song02:36Eyvind KangThe Yelm Sessions
The Anointment01:31Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Moon01:14Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Mercury00:48Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Lost Souls01:27Eyvind KangTheater Of Mineral Nades
Taksim02:38Eyvind KangVirginal Co Ordinates
Theme From 1st Nade03:01Eyvind Kang7 Nades
Sign Of Life02:49Bill FrisellSign Of Life - Music For 858 Q
Lights Up The River05:23Mount AnalogS/T
Probability Cloud Reprise01:37Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Inevitability/the Engagement01:35Eyvind Kang7 Nades
Out Of Body02:28Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Horizon03:47Eyvind Kang & Tucker MartineOrchestra Dim Bridges
Imagination01:51Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Daughters Of The Sun00:55Eyvind Kang & Tucker MartineOrchestra Dim Bridges
Jackie-Ing02:56Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Baseer Ornamental04:56Eyvind Kang & Tucker MartineOrchestra Dim Bridges
Heal01:41Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
Version Like Rain00:55Eyvind Kang & Tucker MartineOrchestra Dim Bridges
Baba Drame06:09Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
What We Need01:37Bill FrisellHistory, Mystery
6 November 2020JAZZ FRONTIERS #3

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