On This Day

On this day, here’s some of what happened in the artistic and cultural life of the ACT region.

(Each posting is a compilation of a week’s 5 installments. On This Day is heard each weekday during Senior Memories Hour, at about 1:03pm (after the 1pm news) during Arts Café, and at about 6:04pm, after the news during the replay of Arts Café.)

Episodes: 19-23 October 2020

19 Oct: 1960 Canberra “devoid of national culture”? 1960: Canberra Choral Society perform JS Bach, Ralph Vaughan Williams… with singalong. 1970 Canberra Choral Society perform JS Bach’s St Matthew Passion. Why does Albert Hall stand empty?
20 Oct: 1960 Sorlie’s Travelling Vaudeville Show visits, including “Whip Strip.” 1970 Australian National Botanic Gardens officially opens.
21 Oct: 1950 Canberra Rep’s The Chiltern Hundreds with real dead animals. Whither mimesis? 1970 Melbourne Court holds hearing on Portnoy’s Complaint.
22 Oct: 1940 Choreographer Gertrud Boedenwieser‘s Viennese Ballet perform “Demon Machine” (see also), and other works. 1970 Minister for Interior Peter Nixon vows: No pokies in the ACT!

23 Oct: 1970 Margot Fonteyn begins four days at Canberra Theatre with The Australian Ballet, evading industrial action — intervention of Kalman Solymossy‘s Australian Ballet Comique not needed. 1970 Midnight Cowboy‘s first Canberra run.


Episodes: 12-16 October 2020

12 Oct: 1950 Starting government-backed television in Australia, its dangers. 1960 violinist Vladislav Jasek at Albert Hall. 1960 Sterling Primmer Quartet at Hotel Civic
13 Oct: 1960 Start of television in ACT. 1960 University students in court for “rag” about merger of Canberra University College with ANU – mock auction of student slaves.
14 Oct:1970 Resolution of copyright royalty dispute that suspended radio broadcast of Australian and British records. 1970 Postmaster General comments on introduction of colour television, and concern over content.
15 Oct: 1970 West Gate Bridge collapse. 1970 Canberra College of Advanced Education to become nation’s first to offer degrees. 1970 grant to Al Butavicius’s “The Birthday Party” dramatizing execution.
16 Oct: 1960 Nilla Pizzi and other Italian stars at Albert Hall — Grazia Fiore, Reno Salviati, Giulian Pomarenz, Sante Simeone. 1970 Arthur and Corinna Cantrill’s experimental film event at the ANU.


Episodes: 5-9 October 2020

5 Oct: 1970 first Jumbo jet arrives. 1970 Canberra School of Music to move, and history of Manuka Arts Centre. 1970 Janis Joplin dies
6 Oct: 1950 The Great Lavante visits Queanbeyan. 1970 Early Arthur Sullivan: Cox & Box
7 Oct: 1940 ACT Advisory Council vs maggies. 1960 Mikado at Albert Hall. 1960 Canberra Rep presents Krapp’s Last Tape & The Bald Prima Donna
8 Oct: 1940 A “mannequin play” at Albert Hall. 1970 Anna Russell lampoons opera at the Canberra Theatre
9 Oct: 1950 Pianist Gyorgy Sandor. 1970 Sea shanties at the Carillon; 1970 Demonstrator filming & Afternoon of Entertainment


Episodes: 28 September – 2 October 2020

28 Sept: 1960 Laurence Olivier’s Richard III ends its Starlight Theatre run. 1960 Theatre Players present Black Chiffon begins a one-week run.
29 Sept: 1960 Civic Theatre presents Oscar Wilde biopic. 1970: Canberra Rep presents Peter Nichol’s A Day in the Death of Joe Egg directed by Alan Harvey.
30 Sept:  1970 King Oedipus, Tyrone Guthrie’s staging of Oedipus Rex‘s second of two nights at Canberra Theatre.
1 Oct: 1930 YWCA Pantomine’s Babes in the Woods at Albert Hall. 1960 Scale model of Canberra Lakes and Dam on view at Dept. of Works.
2 Oct: 1970 Canberra Rep begins 5-day run of A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. History of director Alan Harvey.


Episodes: 21 – 25 September 2020

21 Sept: 1930 “Talkies” arrive in Canberra. 1960 Melbourne magistrate declares Charles Gorham’s Carlotta McBride obscene; Labor MP objects to state intrusion on censorship. 1970 ACT Police threaten arrest for selling Portnoy’s Complaint.
22 Sept: 1960 Tibor Rudas’s Oriental Cavalcade visits. Bio of Tibor Rudas.
23 Sept:  1940 800 attend Police Ball. 1960 Alexei Surkov, Soviet Writer, visits; will visit first Russian edition of Australian poetry. 1970 Trumpeter Kenny Ball appears at Canberra Theatre.
24 Sept: 1930 Canberra City Band performs at Manuka Oval for Relief Society. 1970 McKenna Mendelsohn Mainline, Canadian blues band, appears at Canberra Theatre. 1970 Commonwealth Film Censorship Board announces in Canberra that it had banned Myra Breckenridge and cuts to Woodstock.
25 Sept: 1970 First week of filming of political melodrama Demonstrator.


Episodes: 14 – 18 September 2020


Episodes: 7 – 11 September 2020


Episodes: 3 – 6 September 2020