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A lively and very different way to start the day, with a mix of quality music, commentary, arts news, interviews, information and features. The program features Australian Independent Radio News, Arts Diaries and weather bulletins on the hour.

7:00 am

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Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin

Bill McGlaughlin delves into a wide assortment of classical music. Each five-program series builds off a theme ranging from composer biographies to the music of various cultures and times.

9:00 am

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Arts Café

Every weekday at noon, straight after the news, the “Arts Café” opens its doors to bring you a delectable smorgasbord of bright music,interviews,arts stories from the region, Arts Diary plus The World, our summary of the day’s world events.

12:00 pm

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Classical Mood

Knowledgeable ArtSound enthusiasts of classical music presents time-honoured favourites and new works from the world’s finest composers, soloists, ensembles, and orchestras.

2:00 pm

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Leaves of Bluegrass

Rich Pascal brings you the best bluegrass music, and music adjacent to bluegrass, with plenty of historical and cultural context.

4:00 pm

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Driveway is a new early-evening program in development. On weekdays when the midday Arts Cafe program doesn't rebroadcast, various Driveway presenters [...]

5:00 pm

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World Vibe

Weekday evenings, feel the pulse of the planet through the popular World Vibe. You’ll get to hear world fusion, contemporary and traditional music from a diverse range of countries and cultures. It’s your free ticket around the world. Friday Nights feature special broadcasts of the Putumayo Concert Hour. Visit the website:

7:00 pm

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Down in the Basement

Two hours of great jazz, blues, with splashes of soul and funk.

8:00 pm

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A Reading Life

Bart Meehan speaks with prominent or fascinating Canberrans about the books or other reading that shaped them. Sundays at 4pm, repeated Mondays at 10pm.

10:00 pm

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Poetry on the Radio

A weekly program, with readings, discussions, and news relating to Canberra-region poets and poetry. Hosted by Kimberly K. Williams and Peter Searles, [...]

10:30 pm

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Putumayo World Music Hour

An internationally distributed program hosted by KFOG San Francisco’s Rosalie Howarth, who takes a weekly journey through the music of many different cultures with a blend of well-known artists and exceptional underexposed ones.

11:00 pm

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Jazz Made in Australia

A showcase of the talents of Australian jazz musicians and composers with occasional interviews, a focus on a particular event, or a look back at the history of jazz in Australia.

12:00 am

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After Hours

Relax with “After Hours” ArtSound FM’s soundscape of seamless jazz, folk and blues throughout the predawn hours.

1:00 am

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