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Sounds Early

A lively and very different way to start the day, with a mix of quality music, commentary, arts news, interviews, information and features. The program features Australian Independent Radio News, Arts Diaries and weather bulletins on the hour.

7:00 am

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Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin

Bill McGlaughlin delves into a wide assortment of classical music. Each five-program series builds off a theme ranging from composer biographies to the music of various cultures and times.

9:00 am

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ArtSound’s soundscape of seamless jazz, folk, and blues fills each weekday mid-morning.

10:00 am

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The Broadway Musicals Yearbook

In each episode, Len Power explores the musical theatre of one year — chosen at random — from the long history of the art form. He plays songs from hit Broadway shows and the flops, too; songs you know and love and great songs you’ve never heard before. Len also shares anecdotes about behind-the-scenes treachery, bad luck, poor management, and total incompetency.

11:00 am

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Arts Café

Every weekday at noon, straight after the news, the “Arts Café” opens its doors to bring you a delectable smorgasbord of bright music,interviews,arts stories from the region, Arts Diary plus The World, our summary of the day’s world events.

12:00 pm

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Classical Mood

Knowledgeable ArtSound enthusiasts of classical music presents time-honoured favourites and new works from the world’s finest composers, soloists, ensembles, and orchestras.

1:30 pm

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Red Velvet and Wild Boronia

A showcase of artists who performed at The School of Arts Café in Queanbeyan, from 1986 to 2000 the best known and longest established cabaret venue in Australia. Bill Stephens presents performances by Australia’s most accomplished music theatre and cabaret performers.

3:30 pm

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Music Box

Vintage music with a story   An eclectic mix of artists and genres including light (pop) classical, jazz, folk, and nostalgia, as well as [...]

4:00 pm

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Disc Drive

Great music, arts interviews, reviews, and the Arts Diary from the ArtSound Disc Drive team. They feature Australian Independent Radio News, weather bulletins, and interviews with local community organisations.

5:00 pm

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World Vibe

Weekday evenings, feel the pulse of the planet through the popular “World Vibe”. You’ll get to hear world fusion, contemporary and traditional music from a diverse range of countries and cultures. It’s your free ticket around the world. Friday Nights feature special broadcasts of the Putumayo Concert Hour. Visit the website:

7:00 pm

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Down in the Basement

Two hours of great jazz, blues, with splashes of soul and funk.

8:00 pm

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New York Jazz

“Our musical bag is nostalgia” says Tom Parker in his trip down memory lane, showcasing the very best in jazz from New York and cities across the USA. All the great names are there, from the 40s through to the current era, remembered with stories and anecdotes contributed by Tom and his listeners. Cast yourself into a world of ‘late night’ American jazz clubs and be charmed for two hours by a man of style and eloquence who lives in New York but still calls Australia home.

10:00 pm

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After Hours

Relax with “After Hours” ArtSound FM’s soundscape of seamless jazz, folk and blues throughout the predawn hours.

11:30 pm

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Ultima Thule

From 2MBS in Sydney, a 90-minute mix of ambient, trance, drone, and chill-out electronica, spacemusic, ancient, medieval, and neoclassical creations, traditional and world music, soundtracks, cool jazz, and impressionist soundworks.

12:00 am

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After Hours

Relax with “After Hours” ArtSound FM’s soundscape of seamless jazz, folk and blues throughout the predawn hours.

1:30 am

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